1 Poutine to 4 Potatoes: Supporting some of those most affected economically by COVID-19.

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, many brands are shying away from marketing communications. Hence, a lot of opportunities to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives go by untapped.

Canada’s National Poutine Day, on April 11, was one of such opportunities.

Fortunately, Sysco Canada’s Foodies Unite and Smoke’s Poutinerie seized the chance to put a smile on the faces of some of those most impacted by the economic backlash of COVID-19.

The Poutine Initiative

During this past weekend, Smoke’s Poutinerie celebrated National Poutine Day by giving out two-pounds of potatoes to local food banks for every poutine sold.

Sysco Canada’s FOODIES Unite initiative joined the effort to give back with Smoke’s. For the whole of the weekend, from Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12, Foodies Unite matched Smokes’ two-pound donation.

Added Benefit

This addition brought the campaign efforts to a “BUY 1 GIVE 4” concept! In keeping with the new COVID-19 restrictions on foodservice business, the donations were based on all delivery and takeout sales.

According to Sysco Canada’s Foodies Unite, they are proud to partner with Smoke’s Poutinerie to feed Canadians in need. “We are leveraging our network to advocate for the foodservice industry as a whole, to ensure food supply continuity to all Canadians and serve those communities most in need,” says a spokesperson.

Ryan Smolkin, Founder and Chief Entertainment Officer of Smoke’s Poutinerie is encouraging Fans to #SupportLocal, “Smoke’s Poutinerie has always been committed to being a responsible community leader, it is one of our core brand values. We have the opportunity to come together as Canadians and support each other by providing essentials to community members in need. The time is now!”

This initiative is very thoughtful and much needed. A lot of food banks have experienced a substantial shortage in donations amongst other challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis. They need all the support they can get from both individuals and organizations.

Hopefully, this move will inspire other brands to think of creative ways of making an impact during these tough times.

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