How are African hospitals dealing with COVID-19? A review of UBTH.

What is going on with African hospitals during this pandemic?

The media is has been inundated with COVID-19 news, information and misinformation. The bulk of which focuses on the western world’s response to the pandemic.

However, this is a situation affecting the whole world. The global community should be informed on not just what is happening in developed countries,  but also third world countries.

These developing countries actually face a higher risk of having mass casualties should the virus get out of hand. In Africa especially, most of the hospitals lack sufficient or up-to-date medical infrastructure.

African hospitals are basically doing the best they can, with the little they have.

One of such hospital is the University of Benin Teaching hospital, popularly called UBTH. Located in Edo state Nigeria, the hospital is one of the top hospitals in the country.

That notwithstanding, they have been facing major challenges since the onset of the pandemic.

I did a review of how they have been managing the situation, both from a medical and communications standpoint.




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