WPP, Ogilvy and H+K Strategies analyze employee experience during the pandemic

employee experience

I love it when different brands collaborate on a joint project for the common good. So I was quite thrilled when I heard that WPP, Ogilvy’s Employee Experience team, and the People and Purpose team at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, all got together to create a data-driven deck about employee experience in COVID-19.

And the deck did not disappoint.

The document is divided into four key segments. First, it set the scene about the current COVID-19 situation with organizations and employees. Then it highlighted six actions brands are to take during this pandemic. Thirdly, it broke down the best practices for internal change management into four key points. Lastly, it listed six predictions about how employers and employees would evolve after the pandemic is over.

I have captured the main points mentioned in the document in an infographics format. However, I encourage you to get the full version here.


employee experience


 employee experience


employee experience


While businesses will typically associate brand experience with the encounters between their customers about their brand, that is just one aspect of it.

Employee experience is a strong part of brand experience. Now more than ever, organizations need to focus on building good relationships with their internal customers – the employees.

That’s the summary of the “Employee Experience in COVID-19” deck by WPP, Ogilvy’s Employee Experience team and H+K Strategies’ People & Purpose team. I must say that I think they did a great job. They covered all the key experiences that employees encounter during these challenging times. What do you think? 

You can view or download the full document here then drop your comments below.

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