Internal Comms: A memo to team members on the vaping crisis


Here is a sample internal communications memo I wrote some weeks ago. The organization, its staff, and every other thing mentioned in the letter is entirely fictitious.

Before reading the memo though, here is a short video to help give you a better perspective of the real circumstances leading up to this sample letter.


Vaping Crisis Memo

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for attending our meeting with the Deputy Minister yesterday. As discussed, our team has been tasked with researching, analyzing and providing recommendations to the minister on the vaping crisis. We are to advise on whether or not the government should prohibit the sale and use of vaping products in the province.

Considering the short deadline we have to complete this task – 1 week, we need to have an urgent meeting to discuss how to solve the vaping issues in the province.

The meeting will be held by 4 pm today. The venue is the boardroom of the Provincial Health Council, and the agenda includes the following:

  • Setting up an overall strategy.
  • Aligning on accountabilities.
  • Determination of deliverables.
  • Finalization of deadlines.

Let us all try to do our individual research before the meeting so that we can have a very productive brainstorming session.

I apologize for the short meeting notice, as I know you all have very busy schedules. But this has to be done urgently. Especially because of recent news reports about the negative health effects (even fatalities) connected with vaping. Moreover, the deputy minister has specifically requested this information ASAP.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting. Together, we will come up with effective solutions to the vaping crisis in our beloved province.

Thank you.


And that is the end of the letter. What do you think about its contents? Let me know in the comments section below.

Orode Uwawah

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