Spoken word poetry: That Girl by Orodelight



During a job interview, I was asked to tell the interviewer something about me that is not in my resume. I thought about it for a few seconds then smiled as I replied, “I do spoken word poetry.”

Yep! In addition to being a copywriter, I also write spoken word poetry.

This skill has helped sharpen my writing and creative abilities.

The video below is one of the first mash-up videos I created for my spoken word pieces.

I hope you like it.

You can view more of my spoken word videos on my YouTube channel. 


Check out the previous video I posted.

Orode Uwawah

My name is Orode (pronounced Or-Raw-Day). I am a public relations specialist, marketing communications professional and copywriter. I write about an assorted variety of topics ranging from industry trends, to social issues, to random ramblings. Let's get connected on LinkedIn.

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