Internal Comms: the CEO’s blog post to all staff

The letter below is a sample write-up I did as a class assignment. It is a blogpost from a CEO to all employees of the organisation.



My new favourite superhero lives in British Columbia. Her name is Tricia, and she is a bank teller at the Vancouver head office.

During my visit there last week, I watched as Tricia processed her transactions at the speed of light, efficiently attended to customer’s needs, expertly upsold some of our bank’s financial products, and even helped the customer find his lost car keys – all within a few minutes.

Tricia’s outstanding service reminded me of those action movies where the super-hero goes above and beyond all limitations, to save whoever needs help.

Inspired by Tricia’s heroic actions, upon my return from Vancouver I sat down with the top management of the organisation to develop a new initiative called, “Extra Mile”.

This program aims to train every staff of ABC Financial, on how to provide exceptional customer service. Just like Tricia, we will all become heroes to our customers, going above and beyond the call of duty to attend to their needs.

I know some of you may be wondering, “why all the fuss?” especially as the business seems to be good. Yes, we are doing well, and our recent quarterly results show a 5% increase in profit. But as most of you know, we also experienced a corresponding 6% rise in operational costs.

If we continue on this trajectory, our company’s earnings will be negatively affected.

Hence the initiation of project “Extra Mile”, a training platform to empower us all to achieve our company’s strategic goal of enhancing shareholder value, through exceptional customer service.

As we roll out this exciting new program, I hope to get your full cooperation and participation. Please reach out to your departmental heads for more information on how you can be a part of this amazing initiative.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your participation in our company’s annual United Way charity drive – which raised over $4 million in employee contributions. Your selfless donations will help save hundreds of sick children all over Canada, and for that, I say a very big thank you.

From finding lost keys to saving kids, I am proud to see ABC Financial employees heroically saving the day.

Together, we move into the New Year with our capes soaring in the sky, as we fly the extra mile for our customers and shareholders.


Thank you.

Orode Uwawah,

CEO, ABC Financial.

Orode Uwawah

My name is Orode (pronounced Or-Raw-Day). I am a public relations specialist, marketing communications professional and copywriter. I write about an assorted variety of topics ranging from industry trends, to social issues, to random ramblings. Let's get connected on LinkedIn.

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